TTC=Taking Taxpayer’s Change

With the TTC system receiving widespread criticism and public dissatisfaction, the move to expand the city’s light transit routes (LTR) are seen as merely a band-aid solution. Royson James, a city columnist for the Toronto Star, has called a streetcar network “second best.” According to Denis Laroue ,his claims are true. Lanoue is president 0f Save our Sheppard, a resident’s association in north Scarborough rallying against Metrolinx’s Transit City initiative.

Lanoue suggests that constructing a street-car lane along Sheppard Ave. will create traffic chaos. Firstly, the two middle lanes, one travelling east and the other travelling west, will be reserved for the street-car. This is in itself causes a major problem: cars that wish to make a left turn into commercial plazas will not be able because the streetcar lane will be blocking the path. Secondly, Sheppard Ave. will be reduced to two lanes effectively increasing traffic congestion. Adding to the list of problems, much of the vegetation along Sheppard Ave. will be destroyed to allow for the road renovation.

Save our Sheppard is strongly against this plan.

Instead, Lanoue claims that extending the existing Sheppard subway line into scarborough and connecting it to the existing Bloor line would alleviate many traffic problems.

Denis Lanoue's vision of the Sheppard subway line extension

We took a ride with Denis to see first-hand the kind of problems a street car along Sheppard could potentially create.

We also asked Denis, of the current mayoral candidates, who is the most transit friendly?

Sarah Thomson, in Lanoue’s eyes seems like the most preferable mayoral candidate in terms of improving the TTC. She suggests that introducing a $5 road toll on the Gardiner, similar to the 407 (ETR), would not only alleviate some of the traffic congestion, but it would also create revenue that could be used to improve the TTC system further.

What about regular TTC users? How do they feel about a highway toll on a widely used and originally free-of-charge highway?

Thomson's proposed TTC subway map

More videos with Denis Lanoue:

To hear the full interview with Denis Lanoue, follow the links below:

To hear the full interview with Sarah Thomson follow the links below:

Mayoral Candidate Rob Ford press rally

Mayoral Candidate Rob Ford

The infamous TTC driver’s coffee break–ttc-driver-s-lengthy-break-captured-on-video

Check out articles from The Star for more on the TTC and Save Our Sheppard.

Royson James The Star city columnist–james-streetcar-plan-takes-speed-out-of-rapid-transit

Catherine Porter The Star reporter on Save our Sheppard–porter-save-our-sheppard-group-missing-the-point

The Star intern, Tamara Baluja, on Sarah Thomson


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